WWV 2007

3rd Int'l Workshop on Automated Specification and Verification of Web Systems
San Servolo island, Venice, Italy
December 14, 2007

Accepted papers

  • Musab AlTurki and Jose Meseguer.
    Reduction Semantics and Formal Analysis of Orc Programs

  • Peter Hofner and Florian Lautenbacher.
    Algebraic Structure of Web Services

  • Jesus M. Almendros-Jimenez.
    A RDF Query Language Based on Logic Programming

  • Maria-Jose Hidalgo, Jose-Antonio Alonso, Francisco-Jesus Martin-Mateos and Jose-Luis Ruiz-Reina.
    From a generic framework for the ALC description logic to formally verified reasoners

  • Faisal Abouzaid and John Mullins.
    A Calculus for Generation, Verification and Refinement of BPEL Specifications

  • Alessandro Lapadula, Rosario Pugliese and Francesco Tiezzi.
    Service discovery and negotiation with COWS

  • Martin Karusseit, Tiziana Margaria and Holger Willebrandt.
    Policy expression and checking in XACML, WS-Policies, and the OCS

  • Robin Message and Alan Mycroft.
    Controlling control flow in web applications

  • Nawal Guermouche, Olivier Perrin and Christophe Ringeissen.
    Timed Specification For Web Services Compatibility Analysis

  • Sonia Flores, Salvador Lucas and Alicia Villanueva.
    Formal Verification of Websites

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